Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Last Luke Story, Davinci Code, Etc.

Last Luke story, at least for the day, I promise. I kept him home from school today because he was coughing still... and he didn't fight me when I told him the news, so I figured it was the right decision. But now he's running around the house yelling "I sure am happy it's sum-MER!" over and over and over again. And he just came up to me and said, "I loooove summer! There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a coooooooold lemonaid!" and pranced away. So... he's fine. Except, maybe not, since it's NOT summer and it's cold and grey out. Either that or he's taking positive affirmations and manifesting your own reality to a whole new level!

I'm happy to say I got some floors mopped - finally. It's a job I hate, but the house smells sooo good now. It's almost worth it. I'm also happy to say I finished The Davinci Code last night - from a book I was having a hard time getting through to one that kept me up till the wee hours - I think it was pretty good after all, for a fun read. I wish he included some references though - I'd like to know what parts he made up and what parts he pulled from research. And I'd like Robert to be a real person because I'd like to read HIS books on the subject. Best news of all, I get to start a new book tonight! (If I can stay awake long enough, that is.)

(psst - the sun just came out - imagine that!)


  1. Pam - I am in love with your robin's 'heart' what a gorgeous bead. And also: Thank You, thank you, thank you for the info on changing the background - i played around with it and actually chose your suggestion of the robins egg blue - we must all have spring on the brain!

  2. Hello! Today is my lucky day. I was on my blog stats(and saw your link) I came to visit and....I LOVE this blue heart! I'm a heart collector and would love to learn to make this. Is this technique something you would share with me? (I won't sell them, I want them for gifts. I'm doing a big breast cancer walk and I have been giving paintings, but, I would like something else to give as not everyone wants my paintings! ha ha! Anyway, if you are interested in teaching me I'd give you a painting. hee hee! PS, lovely blog!
    Debi Hubbs

  3. Love the heart, Pam, and the photo is just awesome! :)