Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Catching Up

I'm happy to say I'm connected via my own wireless connection again (vs the neighborhood one that my computer just automatically hooked me in with). Frank (with Uncle Matty's help of course) even made it secure since we are in a neighborhood with 5 other wireless networks and I wasn't sure how safe that was if I paid bills online or downloaded a customer's credit card or something. So that's good to go! TV is working, the house is very cozy with this hodgepodge of chairs and beds and rugs and pillows and my new espresso maker and toaster. I even got the thermostat to work reliably and the house is mostly warm and comfortable. It's really nice here - I think everyone is happy with this arrangement. Except Zoe - she keeps asking to go back to Carnation. She'll get used to things though, she's my little worrier and doesn't adjust to change as well as anyone else. Well, not true, she's doing a LOT better than Amber - who is still in hiding, but she's now under my bed, and I think that's a huge improvement to the chimney and the floor.

I finally finished my third book of the year - I can't believe it's the end of February and I'm only on book 3... but I guess I've been busy. Life is crazy right now. Or was. I feel like I'm on vacation when I'm here at the new house - it's so nice not to have to always try to keep things just so and ready to go at any moment... and to be able to relax. So maybe I'll be able to do more reading again. Art too. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book. A novel about life and art in Italy in the late 1400's. The Birth of Venus.

And here is just a random link - check out this cave - it is so COOL. Big enough for helicopters to fly into!

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