Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Eye Candy and Random Musings

Luke and I met the neighbors today - they seem really nice. That was good. We also went to the Edmonds Post Office for the first time - not too bad a line, the postman was very nice and gave Luke candy, so he will be wanting to go back soon. Good too.

And I think... that tree in my yard that I adore... might just be... a magnolia!

I love the wavy glass in my windows, especially on sunny days like today.

I think I've developed an almost compulsive need to stack rocks.

Work related, I set up a shipping station in my studio so I can just whip those packages right out the door from now on. I hope to use it Very Often. Next, to set up the photography station - so creations just fly onto my web pages with ease. But first, to get some of those creations out of my head and into existance. I've a bag of buttons calling to me, some poly-clay components, and then there are the blank canvases trying to pull me in. Luke goes back to school next week and so I might be able to grab a few hours on the torch too. Life is starting to feel like it's falling into place again. Good stuff coming my way.

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  1. So good to hear that things are falling into place. I think you may be right about the magnolia - so lucky!