Friday, February 17, 2006

My Three Dogs...

er... well, he *thinks* he's a dog. And tells everyone he has two sisters.

Luke's bathroom looks like a real bathroom again. Can't get a good shot though. And appearances are deceiving: water pressure and temp are still an issue - but Frank is working on that.

Had a bit of a scare yesterday with the cable guy leaving the studio door open - thought Amber got out. But no, turns out she was under my bed with Tyger. Tyger was a nervous wreck but he was determined to stay under there to keep an eye on her. Poor guy - then we put him back in the car and took him to Carnation where he crashed from about 6 at night till 8 this morning. I've never seen him sleep so soundly or for so long. He doesn't know it yet, but he's destined for another car ride today. Poor cat - this will end soon though.


  1. Hey, I'd say that looks like a real bathroom, deceptive appearances notwithstanding. I hop eyou got the plumbing and pressure issues worked out. New old houses can be challenging ... you have to fit yourselves to the house at the same time you are gradually fitting the house to you. But you guys are doing amazingly well, judging from the photos you can now post. Wow! it's so exciting having a new house, isn't it? How is the Carnation house doing on the market? did you get a nibble yesterday?

  2. hi Maureen - yes it will be awhile before the water issues work out - it's kind of hard because we are at the point where we need to purchase some big things, but because the other house hasn't sold, there isn't much purchasing power available! But people are starting to come see the house now- almost every day last week - so someone will fall in love with it soon. But the more time I spend here, the better and better I like it. And that cat that was in the chimney - she's out now and mostly hiding under the bed - I think that's a huge improvement. LOL - not sure if she does though.