Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Book:04 Ida B

I just finished a sweet little book. I assume it's a children's book, even though I picked it up in the adult section of the book store, while Luke was whining about a movie he wanted to buy, so I must have been confused, or something. The book wasn't anything like I thought it was going to be (as are most things hastily bought when distracted by my son) - but what a wonderful and magical one it was anyway. Ida B by Katherine Hannigan. A very wise little girl who talks to trees and brooks and knows the wisdom of the stars - who makes plans every day to have fun and create a full life - who knows the best way to live is to find the good things and focus only on them - not wasting time for the boring or mundane. Then her mother gets cancer and her world changes - from bad to worse as her perception of the world changes and she only looks out for the bad things that could happen - and that's all she finds of course. Naturally, there's a happy ending, everything turns around and she finds her connection to the land and the trees, new people and herself again. It made me cry and laugh too. I think I would like to be more like Ida B myself - on her good days anyway.

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