Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Three Conversations

Luke: Mom? I think I just saw something dead in the road.
Me: I think it was a newspaper, hon.
Luke: Oh. Or a squirrel.
Me: I think it was really a newspaper.
Luke: .... Mom? What kind of animal is a newspaper?


Luke: Mom? This chair! Mom! It's a Movie Star Chair! Why do you have one in your studio????
Me: Because I used to be a Movie Star.
Luke: You did? Before you had me?
Me: Yes - I stopped doing that so I could be a mom.
Luke: Which one do you like better?
Me: Oh, Mom is pretty good. Movie Star was fun though.
Luke: But you like Mom best, right?
Me: Of course I do.


Luke: Mom? Why did you think you were going to have a baby that looked just like you?
Me: I just did. I thought I'd have a brown-haired, brown-eyed baby.
Luke: But NOPE!
Me: Nope. I got a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby instead. What a surprise that was!
Luke: Aren't you glad? Because I am much cuter.
Me: Cuter than the one I thought I was going to get?
Luke: Yup.
Me: Well... you are pretty cute.
Luke: Cuter.
Me: Yeah, you are just about the cutest thing I ever laid my eyes on. Except for Tyger, maybe.
Luke: Yeah. And Zoe and Kesia.
Me: No, you are way cuter than Zoe and Kesia. But you and Tyger just about tie for cutest.
Luke: Yeah. But don't tell Zoe and Kesia, ok? They would feel left out.

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  1. Pam, I think I've told you this before. No - I'm sure I told you something like this before. Well, actually ...maybe not. Maybe I just thought I told you this before. Anyway, I just have to say it again (or for the first time) it is so so so so cool that you write down these conversations with your son. He has a precious innocence and he's really smart. Plus just so cute. And your way of responding to him is neither solicitous, or too foo-foo. You're just straightforward and loving and very kind. I love reading these conversations.

    Haven't been real good about reading the blogs I try to read regularly. Too busy. But yours is one of my few favorites and I'm glad to be at least starting to catch up. Carry on. -- Maureen