Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Three Eagle Day

That's right, three bald eagles spotted today in different places around and about. Also, the first robin-red-breasts of the year - waiting on our fence as we drove up the driveway. It makes me so happy to see them usually, but this year, I can't help but wonder - what are they doing here so early? And also, why is my evergreen clematis budding already? And my tulips are up... it's just too early for all of this - what's going on?

Today we were going to take a load of things up to Edmonds so we could start camping out there and getting settled in - and to save me from having to constantly clean the Carnation house just in case someone wants to walk through.... but we got two calls for showings and had to be out of the house from 10:30 to 3:00 and so did not get to load up the trailer as planned. It's loaded now and we will run up first thing in the morning. Have guest bed, one of Luke's bunks, a futon and a coffee table. Will make due with that stuff for now. It will be fun. And it will give Amber a few new hiding places so we have a better chance of catching her out of the floor.

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