Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tarot Reading Last Night

Q: "What does our new house want to tell me?"
Layout: Past, Present, Future
Cards: 10 of Swords, Queen of Swords, Three of Cups



  1. so, Pam I am curious, not being a Tarot expert myself (not in the least) what do those three cards mean in regards to your house? the images are beautiful, especially the last one -- the Three of Cups. There are three of you in the family (humans, that is) right? and you now have this lovely studio and garden, that fits, but still I want to know how you read these.

  2. I am curious about the reading as well. Your house is beautiful btw!

  3. If you click the cards it will bring you definititons.

    Also - my take:

    Ten of Swords (The Past)
    Indicates things were bad. Everything went wrong. Pretty much as bad as it could get. But the good news is it's over. 10 is the end of a cycle and so the past is in the past.

    The Queen of Swords (The Present) is all about clear thinking and having a plan and following through with it. The house is excited about the remodeling, the work we are doing to make it warm again, getting rid of the rodent problem, etc. etc. It's happy we have a vision for it.

    The Three of Cups (The Future) is a beautiful card - a celebration card - joy and creativity, family and togetherness abound. It's an indication of a good team formed and that the teamwork will pay off.

    See, beautiful!

  4. Yes -- beautiful you are right it is beautiful. thanks for your explanation.