Friday, March 31, 2006

5 Good Things

1. it's friday and this hellish week is almost over
2. my dog who is always so happy to see me when I wake up (twack twack thwack goes her tail, and she smiles, and looks into my soul with her eyes)
3. swinging next to Luke and having him look over at me and laugh because he's so happy I'm swinging with him and because my long hair is sticking straight up in the air when I come down and he thinks that's hillarious. (He also thinks it's hillarious that my "big butt" fits on the swing. I told him that's not something he should ever say to any girl, ever.)
4. tarot cards that talk of good things coming. success, money, happiness, peace, rest.
5. only two more nights on lumpy creaky uncomfortable bed.

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