Monday, March 27, 2006

The Princess & the Pea

After camping out for about a month at the new house, and sleeping on the guest bed, Frank and I have discovered why, maybe, our steady stream of house guests has become a mere trickle: the bed sucks. I figured it had to be getting that way as our bed is also past it's prime and ready to be replaced and is not even as old as the guest bed. Of course our guests have been too polite to mention the problem... and now my back is paying the price. So today Frank and I dropped Luke off at school and headed over to the nearest Sleep Country USA for the last day of their FREE, FREE, FREE sale. Which, it turns out, really means nothing - have you seen the prices of beds these days? Oh my. Thousands of dollars more than I was expecting. Who knew you could easily spend $7K on a matress and box-spring. And what is up with the super tall beds these days? You practically have to jump to get up on them.

So after walking around for a bit looking at all the prices, and realizing JUST how big a decision we were about to make - buying a super expensive piece of furniture that we would (hopefully) be sleeping on for 8 or more hours a day for the next ten or more years... we started trying them out. Which is an odd thing really, laying down on a bed in a public place, trying out all your favorite sleep positions... realizing quickly that all the less expensive (and I'm still talking in the thousand and up range) were not going to cut it... moving up and up. No, too noisy. No, too hard. No, too squishy, No, too pricey. No, too high. No, no, no.

Finally, we settled on a bed that Frank really liked and I liked well enough. We had it narrowed down to two actually. Mine of course was $500 more and had an extra 2 inches of foam. Frank's will do just fine, I think my back is going to be very happy actually... and with the money we saved (haha), we were able to find a new guest bed as well. Though, seriously, I don't think the Brisse B&B is going to be open for business anytime soon.

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