Friday, March 24, 2006


Oh, not a very good read. That's what I get for judging a book by it's cover again - on the run, with Luke dragging me to the kid's section of the store as usual. It said it was a historical novel... one of my favorite kinds of novels... but... no, it was kind of a bad romance book really. I kept saying to myself, I have got to just give it up it's so bad, and then I'd read some more. And then I'd look at it and the other book on my bedside table (er, a pile of boxes, because we are camping out, remember?) and I'd pick the bad romance one. So I did finish it, and I still think it was a waste of many hours - I'm not sure I learned anything of historic consequence even. The Dark Queen by Susan Carroll. It's got 4 stars at - must just be me. I'd give it two maybe. Maybe 3 since it somehow got me to finish it against my better judgement.

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