Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Boy

Three hair cuts in two days. Poor thing. Frank gave me a hard time about going to the yuppy kid hair cut shop so I took him to great clips. What a mistake. He came out looking like his hair was cut with a bowl on his head. A bowl that jumped around and allowed nicks and holes to be cut. Or maybe as if he had cut it himself even. His forehead was all red where she injured him somehow, his bangs only went 2/3rds the way across his forehead, and they were so crooked. On one side, his hair was an inch longer than on the other side. So then I tried to "fix" things, and then I decided there was no fixing unless it was by a professional. So today we went to an old-fashioned barber shop down the street and the nice man there fixed him up. It's still long, but not "surfer dude" long like he likes it. I can see his face again, which is nice - though the bangs are way too short. The ironic thing... I spent MORE than I would have at the yuppy place and he doesn't have half as good a cut.

Yes, I let him ride his bike in the house. Yes, it surprises me too that I let him. And yes, he likes to ride naked. He should get along well with the Fremont Parade crowd, don't you think?

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