Monday, March 20, 2006

Two More Beady Eyed Girls

Well, I spoke too soon... my perfect day took a sharp turn: my oxygen concentrator decided to start rattling and then beeping and then all was still. Absolutely still. (I think we've been reading too many Magic Tree House books, sorry.) Yes, my oxygen supply is dead. So only two beads got made today, here they are. And I was SO about to get on a roll.


  1. ugh...I so dislike that, when you get on a roll and something, or someone gets in the way of the "juju" :)

  2. Well, they are two very cool beads, so at least that is something!

    Michelle W

  3. thanks - they are really fun - I feel like I've just broken through a wall with the glass - all those hearts taught me some good lessons about heat and gravity and now I want to PLAY! So... today I'm going to get an oxygen tank and try to hook it up - I think I have all the equipment for that.