Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When Life Gives You Lemons, Spend More Money.

Frank said look at it as an opportunity. So I am. An opportunity to get two new oxy cons and upgrade to this dreamy torch, called a Lynx. Grand total: $1035.00 plus shipping. But I still want my new camera... and I don't want to drop my old one to get it.


  1. Ohh--that's a pretty torch! What are you using now?

  2. isn't she? LOL :) Right now I have a Nortel Minor Burner and a Midrange burner that I've never used (bought it used, but it was only used once or twice because it eats through the O2 so fast and needs more than one oxy con). I'm going to sell both of them and replace them with this beauty... when the time is right (aka, the house is sold)