Sunday, March 05, 2006

And I was going to say...

...that things are going so well at the new house. All the nasty surprises seem to be in the past. Things are under control. Plans have been made for improvements. We have our list and are moving on. No sign of any rodents since Frank was in India. The house is comfortable even though it is more than half empty. Luke gets to ride his bike through it and yesterday was so nice that I took him out to explore the sidewalks for the first time. We met some neighbor kids and moms, and found a new park and took Kesia, the old girl, with us, even. She was in pure bliss - it's been a long time since she was an in-town dog and she seemed to be as grateful for the return as I am.

And then today. I bought some new dish soap, and instead of just putting it under the sink, I thought I'd take advantage of the little built-in dispenser that came with the sink. How to do it? I started by just lifting the pumper off the top. Looked in - yup - looks like the place to pour the soap in... started pouring. Frank came in and said "WHAT are you doing?" and then asked was I sure? And I said yeah, I think it's this easy. And I kept pouring. And he said, "Why don't you stop now so I won't have so much to clean up in a few minutes." And I kept pouring... ignoring him of course - I know what I'm doing here... but then I was STILL pouring and I had bought a BIG thing of soap... and so I said, out loud, how I wondered how big the container under the sink was... and so then Frank reaches over and opens the cab door and says "STOP!!!".

Yes, he was right all along. Soap all under the sink. What a mess. Turns out that stupid little container for the soap had a BIG ASS crack in it. Figures. One more thing to add to the "list".


  1. pam, I am not the type to write "omigod" I mean I never write "omigod!" but this post made me laugh so hard I almost choked. My keyboard got some spit on it. I am chuckling while I write this. You are funny -- the way you just so droll-like tell the story of the soap dispenser. hahahah. I can totally imagine it, visualize it from your short description. Having gooey soap all over under the sink ...well, I know I personally don't have to clean it up, so I can say this: "that's so funny it's worth the mess!" heheh. carry on. life gets better all the time.
    hugs to you and your boys and your studio and your new house.

    oh, and btw ... next time you need or want to go to the new library. Wear a disguise. They won't even remember your cell phone.

  2. hi maureen - LOL - it's so nice to know *someone* gets my sense of humour! The soap story was funny, we laughed the whole time Frank cleaned it up (almost) haha :) On the other hand, I really can't watit for today to be over ;)