Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Can this day get any worse?

No no, don't answer that. I don't want to know.

First, after a night of not much sleep due to kid and dogs and cat... dog wakes me up at 6:00 and insists it's TIME.

Then, I make coffee, sit down to the computer with it, dog comes over and smacks hand and coffee spills all over computer and stack of bills.

Then, Luke wakes up early and there goes my half hour of peace & quiet I was hoping for.

Then, Luke tells me there is something I need to see. Turns out to be cat yack.

Then, I discover a cat mess of another kind in the bedroom.

Then, I decide that's the end of my bad day and I'm going to turn it around. We go to Michaels and stock up on art supplies for Luke. We go to Starbucks and get my fix. Someone calls to preview the house - great - it's all ready and the key is out - have at it. We go to the library and get library cards and are early for story time even. Things are definitely looking up.

Then, when story time is almost over, my cell rings. Well, it vibrates, because I didn't want to be rude if it went off in the library. I look and it's that realator, which I figure is important (to me) so I answer it really quietly hoping that's ok. But it's not ok - realator is telling me she dropped the key down the deck crack and it's GONE and story-time lady is yelling at me to take my phone call outside. Yelling. At. Me.

Yelling at me. So Luke and I scrammed out of there, I'm so embarrassed and don't want to ever go back. To my new library. Which turns out to be a great library. Which totally sucks. And now, instead of going for a walk in the neighborhood and doing art this afternoon as per my great-day-plan, we have to spend the rest of the day driving around and getting a new key in the lock box.

Yuck. I can't stop shaking.


  1. ((((((Hugs to you Pam!)))))
    Days like that just stink. I wish you much much better days from now on!

    Joey :-)

  2. Pam...I know you don't know me, but I felt I had to comment on this entry. I lurk over at Wet Canvas and sometimes read your blog because I enjoy your paintings and photos. I am a librarian in NY and I feel like I have to apologize to you for the way you were treated in your new library. The librarian yelling at you was uncalled for and if I were you, I'd go and talk to her or to her supervisor. Explain what happened and tell her how her reaction made you and Luke feel.

  3. thanks Joey - today IS going much better :)

    Patty, thank you - I was thinking it would have been much better if she'd just said something privately after the story time if it was such a big deal - because what she did was way more disturbing than me whispering into my phone in the corner. I think I'll just not take Luke anywhere like that for awhile until the house is sold and I don't have to be worrying about missing calls - I normally wouldn't answer it and would just call back later, but... selling this house - I'd hate to miss an opportunity by not answering the phone. Ah well. It's such a pain - it will go days without ringing and then we might have 2 or 3 people calling about it. Just my luck yesterday that it rang (er, vibrated ;) in the library. Thanks for writing.