Thursday, March 02, 2006

Art & Soul Retreat Classes

In Portland... this fall. Oh! I want to take these. But... so many buts. At least I have until the 25th to decide (and sell the other house so I have some $$). But then... there's always the what to do with Luke thing... there's one in Italy in 2007 too. Wouldn't that be great.

Carla Sonheim 411 - Family Portrait

Carla Sonheim 408 - Kids "R" Us

Stephanie Lee 366 - Totally Plastered

Traci Bautista 322 - doodle;paint;play

Traci Bautista 324 - Fusion-Dyed Collage

Sheri Haab & Wendy Malinow 404 - Mixed Media Metal Clay Charms

Traci Bunkers 327 - Its All About Transfers & A Simple Stab-Bound Book

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