Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Brought car in because the steering wheel was shaking at high speeds. Thought the tires were out of whack. Not so... needs new struts and other expensive stuff. Why are things breaking down so much??? Oh yes, must be that mercury in retrograde stuff. Doesn't that end soon? The house inspection is Monday - I hope things are on the upswing by then. Weirdness of the day is the buyer's agent called and asked that we clean the oven (it's at least 20 + years old and really, truly on it's last leg - I've been waiting for it to die for 9 years so I could get a new one... though it works better than the new crappy oven I just bought with the new house) so that the inspector doesn't call it out. Excuse me? That's just weird - wouldn't they WANT the inspector to call things out? In fact, I kind of expect the oven to be an issue. And how is it being clean going to make it less of an issue? And the oven really isn't that bad either - I mean, it WILL clean right up - it's not gross dirty or anything, but I'd rather clean it once on the way out than clean it now and then clean it again before we move out - I hate those chemicals. I'm just shaking my head here - what is really going on? It seems like such a strange thing.

No good photos or eye candy today - it's grey and rainy and I'm feeling about the same way.


  1. I agree... that is totally ridiculous!!?? Love your blog photo

  2. thank you - so I'm totally not weird about that oven thing. Though, I've discovered, most people have self cleaning features on theirs and it's not the big messy stinky toxic job I deal with - hu, who knew?! LOL. (And thanks about the photo :)