Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Productive Day

Well, it was anyway... Now I need a little break. I *was* doing so good for a while. Ate all my vitamins, and breakfast and lunch (something I've been skipping more days than not) and got so very much done. Organized a kitchen cabinet, moved stuff to the laundry room, hung a picture, moved some things to the studio and started putting things away there (made some excellent progress, just waiting for the last desk and a cat-proof fireplace screen, and a rug or two, and I'll be ready to really start making this room feel good). Then I ordered my new camera and my new oxycon, and was feeling pretty good about finding a good deal online for the camera, saving a bunch of money... until they emailed me to call and confirm my order and then things blew up pretty fast. Upgraded the memory card, got a battery (which wasn't included in the original package, go figure), got a warranty, and upgraded the lenses to digital lenses rather than regular SLR lenses (thought they were). Ended up spending an extra $800 or $900 and while I know I will now be happy with what I got, I really didn't plan on spending that much. Sheesh. Oh well, right? It's only money? It's how much my new torch and extra oxycon would have cost, I guess I'll have to put that off for awhile now. So now I'm feeling drained - I guess I'll go make a second mocha and see if that perks me up.

Oh, and here is a shot of my studio - a work in progress as I said. Anyone have any good, attractive ideas for keeping a cat out of the fireplace? My plywood board is doing the trick but it's not pretty, especially with the hundred plus lbs of junk holding it in place (she's pretty strong as we all know). But it's coming together, I think I could actually work down here now.

AND! Thank you everyone for all the nice birthday wishes the other day!!!


  1. Your camera order sounds like a scam -- you might want to look elsewhere and call that company back and cancel the order.

  2. Your flower photos are very lovely.