Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kitties and Dragons and All That is Luke

Luke was a kitty for a day, at the Edmonds Waterfront Festival. He had fun, obviously:

Then we got his room going finally - it's been a lot of work trying to figure out how to fit all his toys into this new smaller room - and we still have a ways to go - but finally, after hearing every day how he'd like his room to be horses (which we started with), nope, changed his mind, really wants race cars, no, power rangers, no, sea animals, no, wizards, no, a castle, no, space (with black walls, mom!) and everything else under the sun... We finally settled on something sort of castle/dragons/magic themed after a trip to IKEA. I like it, he loves it. It's nice and cozy, light and colorful, and fits Luke to a T how he is right now in this moment in his life. It fits the wall-hanging my grandmother made for my room when I was his age too, and it's perfect for the painting that artist Debi Hubbs was so nice to send him. I might paint on a few castle bricks here and there, or put up some triangle flags or something, plus there is still more art to hang... not sure what it will end up like yet, but he thinks it's done for now so that's good for me. Except I definitely need to add some glow in the dark stars to the ceiling (he doesn't know yet!).

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