Monday, August 07, 2006

The New Dishwasher

It's been a couple of months now of hand-washing dishes - did you realize this takes about an hour out of the day, sometimes more? Crazy waste of time. I finally snapped and took myself down to the appliance store and picked out a new one. I told Frank I wasn't going to be picky about this like I would be a new stove or something - I wasn't going to spend a thousand dollars on a dishwasher after all, as long as it got the job done and was pretty quiet about it. Well it turns out I did spend a thousand dollars - though we get some of it back in rebates and energy efficiency incentives and stuff. I couldn't help it - it was the model that will last 20 years, it was stainless inside and out. It has only three settings and a fan instead of heat coils or whatever they are. And it is made in Sweden! So. I guess it did matter and I guess I did get picky. Though, as the salesman said, after the rebates, it's really only $100 more than the cheap models. So I'll just consider it a bargain and money well spent. And look how pretty she is! (btw, this is the brochure photo, not my kitchen. Though, I think I'm going to go purchase a faucet like that one. I'd love the farm sink too, but have you seen how much *they* cost? Crazy.)

PS. The next thing I'm going to spend some money on? This, I think. Do you think it would look good with a black headboard and blue walls? I've got the new black fireplace insert in there and I'm trying to find a way to make it fit in with the room - I'm thinking a black bed would do it. Or I wonder, if I could paint the insert silver maybe? Hmn....


  1. my gosh, you think so much like me its scary!!! ha! LOVE the stainless dishwasher...

  2. Hi Anita, thanks for visiting and commenting :) LOL, the new dishwasher has arrived and works wonderfully - Love Love Love it! I may even start cooking real meals again, now that clean up is easier ;)

    I looked at your blog - what a lovely family you have! And it looks like you fix up places and re-sell? Hubby is thinking about doing a flipping kind of thing once this house is done. (not this house, but as an investment.)

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