Friday, November 10, 2006

The Art Auction Last Night

It was really FUN! I didn't end up donating that big necklace because my neighbor, who is the marketing manager at the hotel where the show was, thought maybe it was too extravagant for this event and so I ended up donating 4 other pieces in it's place and wearing the big necklace instead. All my pieces went quickly, which was nice to see, and next year I'll have a better idea what to donate. We bid on, and won, a week long workshop for Luke at Gage Acaadamy of Art. I'm a bit jealous on that one. And then we won the raffle and got two free nights, dinner, parking, cocktails and breakfast at the hotel!!

So I'm going to put the necklace (lucky necklace!) on my site for sale after all. Wish me luck with it, I don't know how I'm going to find the right buyer for it, but let's hope the universe has some plans and will line that up.

I also went through and lowered some of the prices on some pieces that have not moved very quickly... trying to move some things along to make room for some new work.

Have a great Friday everyone :)


  1. I bet you were like a queen milling about in her court at the auction -- that necklace is stunning! Did you get lots of compliments on the one around your neck?? Hope so. And how lucky of you to win the raffle -- wow two free nights with dinner, breakfast and cocktails! Live it up!

    So, good luck with selling those beautiful big necklaces, Pam. You'll find exactly the right buyer eventually. I wish I could just whip out my checkbook and buy the starfish big necklace. But alas, my computer just died last week (I mean really dead-dead) and I have to save for a new one. Besides that, my funky old digital camera is on it's death bed, too. I guess my artwork will have to come before adorning my body with your beautiful jewels. :-)

  2. Haha Maureen, it was actually funny how UNPREPARED I was for a social art thing in Seattle. I spent the day shopping trying to find the "right" thing to wear. I bought bags and bags of stuff because basically all I own for clothes these days are jeans and some outdated biz. suits - nothing appropriate for an artsy seattle event... but then nothing I bought worked and I found somthing in my closet and returned it all the next day. I need to get my act together for the next one - because I'm sure there will be more artsy events - I want there to be anyway. But maybe it's ok to be the kind of artist that only ever wears jeans? Maybe.

    Sorry about your bad luck with your technical machines - I would choose computer and camera (and art) over jewerlry too - jewelry almost always comes last doesn't it?