Sunday, February 18, 2007

Shaping Up

Good news, the pipes under the new studio are no longer in use. The yard is all marked up with red, yellow and orange paint and little yellow flags to show where NOT to dig. None of them point to the studio. Things should start moving forward again this week. The contractor is having a hard time finding windows in the style I want so I'm thinking maybe double french doors and no windows. That will still be lovely. And some climbing peace roses growing up the wall next to the door. Perfect!

Have been spending a ton of energy in the yard - spring is springing up and I'm taking advantage of the little bit of sun and dry weather to get some things done. I moved a rock border and bagged some yard waste and then did something I'd been wanting to do but had been to chicken to try... I trimmed up my camelia bush and turned it into a tree. I imagine there are those who would think what I just did was criminal, but I really like it - it opens up the space, mirrors the old rhody that has been trimmed up to a tree shape and lets me think about planting some boarder plants along the fence. I'm happy and really, that is ALL that matters.



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  1. Looks much better! I like it! I can't wait to see your studio! Love your Blog!