Sunday, June 10, 2007

lotsa progress!

Oh, what a good weekend this was for the studio. Frank just about knocked himself out though - he had to dig this ditch so the electricians can come this week and electrify my studio -and he dug most of it in torrential downpours:


ditch done

Then he started hanging the trim inside:
trim hung

And while he was doing that, I painted some trim outside (just the corners - I think it looks better, don't you?):
painted corners white

AND THEN!!! We hung the hood - oh, we are SO close now!!! It's just too exciting!
hood up


  1. The white trim looks real nice. Your studio is so cute, it has been fun to watch the progress.

  2. i enjoy watching your studio come to life. It truly is beautiful

  3. I have to say, that is THE coolest hood vent I have ever seen! And I love the paint color too.