Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some of My Favorite Lampwork Beadmakers

I just thought I'd share some of my favorite beadmakers with you today. I have a long list, so I'll only share a few. Maybe more another day.


ANASTASIA: A German artist: she makes the most fabulous trees. And her dots are amazing. I think she uses enamels...something I've been thinking about but have been to chicken to try yet. And her photography is really great, I'd love to know what she uses as a photo studio. I can't pick a favorite bead, they are all... so perfect, and amazing. Check them out:


Melanie Moertel: Another German artist. Bold bright color combinations, perfect lines and dots. Love her flowers. And great photography too. Check out her site: and be sure to follow her link to her flickr gallery. Wow!

Happy Monday II | Focal
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Jennifer Geldard
, aka GlassGirl: She uses enamels too, her beads are so fab, to look at them you can tell she pours her heart into each one. I'd love to take a class with her someday. You can see her newest work here: but be sure to check out her older work as well. Beautiful.


Andrea Guarino: Earthy, organic, yet colorful and full of soul energy. Yet again, enamels. She lives near me, I hope to take a class from her someday. Her site:


Sarah Hornik: The most colorful, organic, swirly, wonderful beads. Layers and layers of glass. Pure treasure. Check them out:

Secret Smiles
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There are many more... but I need to get out to my own studio and melt some glass now.

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  1. You and I have the same taste, these are my favorites as well... I feel like I know them, I have admired their work for so many years! Anastasia is amazing... as are the others!