Sunday, December 23, 2007

More on Amber the Cat

Well, the good and bad news with Amber... we were up til 2 last night with frank at the vets with her and then getting her settled back in the house... they think she either got hit by a car or got her foot stuck in a tree or something... no scratches to indicate a cat fight or attack by an animal. She seems to have neurological damage to one leg and her paw just flops around. We have to keep an eye on it... and see what happens... if it doesn't improve, she may need to have that leg amputated. The good news... well... I'm not seeing much besides the obvious: yes, we don't have to keep wondering where she is and if she's ok... and she safe back hiding in my guest room... that's good. But she's not happy inside with us, she just hunkers down and hides...and gets really fat. it's no way to live. She's afraid of the dogs, Tyger doesn't want to share us with her, so he's being a stinker, he won't even let me pet him now. So I don't know what is going to happen, if she doesn't get better, she can't go back out. And if she has to stay in... well I don't know what to do to make it work this time, we tried for a year already and she never got used to the dogs and Tyger. She needs a quiet old lady to adore her or something, not my noisy family. Sigh.

So that's the scoop. I am just hoping against hope that they don't have to amputate. Such a downer, sorry.


  1. Hi Pam,
    I just found this post after seeing your work at Art Bead Scene. I hope Amber doesn't need the amputation. Have you tried flower essences to help her to relax and get used to being in the house? Also, for Tyger's jealousy? Good luck!

  2. Hi Cyndy, thanks for the suggestion - I'll look into it. I wonder what kinds would be best. We have tried that Feliway stuff that puts pheramones or something in the air to calm them down... didn't really work for our situation.

    Oh, and Amber's paw seems to be coming along... she's putting weight on it and it seems okish. Her eyes are looking much better too. Poor girl.

  3. Hi Pam,
    Sorry, I didn't see your reply until just now. The first essences that come to mind are Mimulus (from Bach or Healing Herbs) for what seems to be fearfulness/shyness causing her to be hiding under the bed and Rescue Remedy (or 5 flower formula) for trauma/shock/panic for whatever caused her injury and possibly for any previous shocks related to being in a house. Holly could be useful for Tyger's jealousy, as well. If you just want to start with one, I'd try the Mimulus first. I'm glad to hear she's feeling so much better! Email me if you need more information.