Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Purple Flower Photo


Summer camp started today - what was I thinking? 8:30 AM tennis camp? I *was* thinking I'd get up, take the kiddo there, walk the dog around the block for an hour and then take Luke to regular summer camp and go home and do something creative. Today did not work out that way *at all*. Will try again Wednesday, wish me luck.

Oh! Check out these very beautiful, amazing really, photos. Elephants and people, big cats and beautiful women, deserts... gorgeous:

PS. The hamster is in his roller ball, chasing the cat around the room. Bumping into the dogs. It's pretty funny.


  1. The flower is lovely, and I love the image of the hamster bouncing off the dogs in its ball. They have such a good time in those things. The link to the photos of elephants and such was amazing!!!
    Missing you tons!!!

  2. Love the flower with the lil' droplets, Pam - and cute hamster! Wish I could see the pet "madhouse", sounds like a riot! :o) The wall is pretty old - 12th century... Missing you all heaps, fingers crossed WC! will come back online tomorrow or so. Hi Rita! :wave:

  3. Beautiful purple flower Pam! Wish WC would get up and running - can't believe how much I miss "seeing" everyone. Thanks for the comment in my blog about the Grosbeak! Hope you survive tennis camp wake-ups!

  4. Goregeous flower, Pam! Thanks for visiting my blog ! Everything is fine in my orner of the world... summer's here ( for now!). Mr Nibble is tooooo cute ... he reminds me a lot of the pet rat I used to have ...

  5. Echoing the thoughts of one gorgeous flower. Makes me miss Andee! Well, makes me miss our daily WIA thread.

  6. I want your camera!!!!! I'm so jealous of the quality!