Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day

Is this the saddest snowman ever???


It's a snow day, no school for Luke because, get this, a STORM IS COMING. Seriously folks, the roads are better today than they have been in since Sunday. Whatever.

The good news is that all the gifts have gone out in the mail today. Except for the ones I still need to order online, that is. BUT Phew, that's a relief! One more bead to make and turn into a necklace - this one for Luke's vision therapist, but I have a week still for that.

Teacher gifts are ready to be bagged up, assuming there will be any school the rest of the week so that we can give them to them. I think they will like them this year too - what do you think? Want to be Luke's teacher??? Haha.

teacher gifts

Hope the holidays are not coming too fast for all of you... that you are not feeling as manic as I am. So much for making this one a "simple year". Ah well. Manic is better than "bah-humbug".


  1. haha! i love the snowman...
    and he is a bird feeder as well,
    how clever!

  2. I want to be Luke's teacher! Wow! Lucky teachers!