Monday, February 09, 2009

A WETsy Treasury

I snagged a new treasury this morning, enjoy!


  1. pam, how does wetsy differ from etsy...not being an artist, i'm in the dark. also, when you say you snagged a wetsy, are you part of that grouping...or do you compile the grouping?

  2. Hi Anita! WETsy is an Etsy Street Team, a group of etsy sellers who have something in common (in this case, being friends from WetCanvas forums) who team up to help promote each others' shops. The treasury is fun to put together because you pick from I don't know how many thousands of images to make a "collage" that looks nice. It's like making art from other people's art. And if a treasury gets enough clicks and views, it has a chance of making it to the Etsy home page for a few hours, which is great publicity! Hope that explains it :)

  3. thanks alot pam! i appreicate you taking the time to explain. the treasuries are always so gorgeous!