Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chalcedony Beads

I thought I was being so clever using a tiny amount of 104 glass with the gaffer. A touch of opal yellow and intense black twisty. Itty bitty tiny hairline cracks on my favorite beads.... so sad... but they get to live with me now, so that's the silver lining.

And this one... no opal yellow, but intense black... tiny crack on the end - a heating issue? I just don't know.

This one is fine. It's on Etsy now. I have four more that are fine too and will go up for sale soon. None of them have that cursed opal yellow in them. Or cracks. Phew.

And this one I think I'm keeping for myself, just because:


  1. Your beads are absolutely stunning! The colors perfectly flow and blend together.


  2. Very nice. I once used trans clear 104 as a base for a chalcedony bead. you can guess what happened. It cracked right in half. Oh well, live and remember.

  3. Pam your beads are outstanding! The guys at Gaffer NZ are very impressed with them too - I know I was just speaking to one of them.

    Dont stop playing - the COE issue isn't as clear cut as some would like to make it ;o)
    Within each range of glass there are variations between colours in the COE (which most likely accounts for why some moretti colours dont work well with each other...or lauscha or whatever other 104 they are put with).

    I dont think the intense black would have caused the crack on the end - I use it quite a bit with my Chalcedony ;o)