Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Glass, New Beads

Last Friday Luke had the day off from school and we decided last minute to take a ride out to the ocean. You know we pass Frantz Glass along the way and had to make a stop there, right? Yes, of course. $300 and a box of new and old colors later, we were back on the road. Driving through the rain and hail and clouds on the way to the beach. Oh wait? You want to know what was in that box? Oh, of course you do! Sorry!

In the box... was some delicious Clio, a silver glass that is supposed to go pink, orange, milky shimmery pretty. I've been wanting to try it for awhile now. And also, some new OX, a green luster glass that I though might have some fun potential - it had just been put out on the floor that day. Some silver pink that I'd never tried, more opal yellow, not enough junky clear (need to order more of that asap), some 14K gold (color, not metal), some more Gaia, new mandrels, and I don't know what else. Oh some of the good Hades, and some Multicolor.

Ok, back to driving to the beach. In the rain and hail. We kept going even though... it didn't look promising. Who doesn't like a stormy beach, anyway? But when we got there! The sun came out and it was amazing. The best beach day ever. This year.

And then, I came home and played with my new glass. So far, I don't like the OX at all, all it's good for is getting a nice metallic luster and maybe storming if you like green storms. It would make nice accent beads... but I don't make them, do I? Not enough magic reactions for my taste, but I'll try again sometime.

But oh, the Clio! I do like the Clio. Here are a few of my beads from yesterday, all available on Etsy now.


  1. Stunning work! Shared your story with the hubby, he loved it too!

  2. Wow - stunning bird shot there Pam. Also I didn't realise quite how large that bead was until I see it in scale with your hand. Fabulous!