Monday, May 09, 2011

Progress Report

What's new? It's been a week, there was a birthday (mine, still 29!), a Mother's Day (Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!), the kiddo made the select soccer team (yay!), finished all the state testing (oh, joy! but he didn't seem to mind), and we got more work done on the chicken coop.

Before I show you the coop, I'm going to ask you to do something for me. Luke's school (which as I've shared before, is more of a resource center, but it's still a school - an alternative school in the public school district), has no playground. That's because it's an old high school campus... but we've got all ages of kids there, every day... and no playground. And with budget cuts left and right, no chance of getting one either.... unless we win the Pepsi Refresh Project! Will you vote with us? Every day this month? I'd really appreciate it! Here are the voting details - it's super easy. Thank you!!

Ok, here's the coop - we got the roof on, and the egg box done, fixed the one screen door that was sticking, attached two ventilation door covers, and got sand in the run area. Not bad! Only 6 doors, plus roosts, plus a ramp to go...


  1. I voted and I think Zoe looks at home in her new doghouse! Oh wait, chicken coop! It looks fantastic and I am impressed even though I know you can do pretty much anything.

  2. Voted. Our Cedar Way Elementary down the street won that in December. Sucks that playgrounds need grants like that. Didn't know you were so close. We're at Madrona not far from your school.

    Oh, and the coop rocks! Amazing craftsmanship. Mine is nowhere near that close but tomorrow the roof goes on.

  3. Happy B-day, Fellow Taurus!! :) Chicken Coop looks WONDERFUL!!

    Good luck on getting the playground!


  4. OMG it's the most amazing chicken coop I've ever seen! What a piece of work you have done...really, well done you!!
    good luck on getting that playground, thx, june