Friday, February 17, 2012

366: Day 48

Three good things: it's the weekend, it's a long weekend, we have no plans at all.


  1. Did you paint the flowers? It has amazing depth and a 3D effect. I glanced over at your "About Me", and homeschooling and chickens caught my eye. Good for you! We had chickens, and I homeschooled our boys from K-12. They're both now in their late 20's. Another common thread or 2, I'm a lampworker, and also love the beach, which is nearby.

    1. Hi Cynthia, no, it's an altered photograph, but I wanted it to look painted! Thank you :) Kim Klassen's textures and classes if you want to look her up... highly recommend.

      I've seen and admired your lovely beads before - happy to meet another lampworker/homeschooler/chicken raiser/beach lover :)