Monday, June 04, 2012

366: June 4, 2012

This is the lamest picture ever, but it's my new favorite supplement ever. Seasonal allergies? Gone, in under an hour. Gone. Gone! It worked for both me and Luke today, we are so happy. Take that, cottonwood and scotch broom. - go ahead, read the reviews. I'm not the only one loving this.


  1. Okay, I'm going to check this stuff out! I'm taking Alegra daily, almost year round because I've been allergic to Chico since the 80s.

  2. WOW, I'm not having near the problems I did have since going vegan and I am taking allergy shots every week to hopefully get rid of the worst of what's left. No allergy medicine ever touched my allergies,, I tried a bunch of them. I might have to try this. Thanks for the tip!