Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SO far So good!

It is turning out to be a bright and sparkly new year after all. I have been drawing, and painting on paper, and painting on the ipad, and having a lot of FUN with it all. So much better than playing candy crush!

I'll share with you a few of the things I've made so far... the first is the "Inner Artist Guardian" lesson from LifeBook 2014 class - the neat thing about her is 1.) I finally tried watercolor crayons and they are everything everyone always says about them.. and 2.) I'm so jealous of her hair! I met her in a tropical forest clearing with vines hanging down and birds singing and who knows what rustling around in the underbrush... Maya my dog was with me, she ran with me to the clearing, of course, she's my BFF. And there she was, with all her turquoise hair. I even gave her one of my talisman beads to wear. I forgot to ask her name. She told me my word for the year was PLAY.

So after her, there was another lesson about what we want in 2014, and it was this diagram thing you paint on grey paint and some of the people in the class went to town and made it look fantastic, especially the zen tangle types... but once I decided what I wanted most in 2014 was FUN (and look, it goes with PLAY).... I decided to draw some more girls because they were fun, and skip the grey diagram.

So here are a couple of girls... one with wings.

And then life happened and it got crazy busy and I couldn't paint them... but I really wanted to... so I sat down with my iPad and did it digitally. I will totally paint her again for real, but this was also FUN.

And because I figured THAT out (the ProCreate app on the iPad) - I tried other things:

I love how the robin actually looks like a real mixed media piece, with layered things in it. Love!

So that's what I've been up to so far. As well as a crazy soccer tournament. In a torrential winter rain storm. I'm still recovering from that... and will get around to painting those girls for real, soon.

Thanks for looking :) Happy New Year!

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