Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Jedi Light Saber Spoon

It is ONLY because of this article that we have sugar coated cereal in the house and that Luke is the Very Proud Owner of his own Jedi Light Saber Spoon. If you could tell from the very blurry photo he is not actually eating the pure sugar cereal that even HE says is "junk food", but instead is eating "kid-tested, mother-approved" Kix, with Dora the Explorer on the box. Which is still not a really great cereal by any means... they get you no matter what. I did tell Luke though that that was the Very Best Cereal Box Prize EVER, and there had never been such a great prize before and never would be again... his dad backed me up on this, so I HOPE that the cereal isle does not become a nightmare isle from here on out. But at the moment I am for sure, one "cool dude mom" and that is all that matters.

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