Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yard Work...

...or, what the girl can do when she's not making jewelry and wants to hurry up and get the house ready to put on the market.

I stacked this pile of wood. Frank chopped it all. We are going to be SO sore tomorrow.

I also added to this pile. Now what is totally crazy is... we don't even have a fireplace. This is what happens when a windstorm knocks down a big cedar.

Believe me, this looks like heaven compared to what it looked like before. Imagine that pile of wood, un-chopped here, where I've made a nice little outdoor forest room.

I bought some flowers to plant. They may get planted tomorrow. This bed needed some color and so far nothing I plant seems to work or last the whole summer. Either the deer eat them or they just die. Hope these last the spring at least.

And I planted some color in these pots by my front door. Notice the lovely vent outlet - that is where all my glass melting fumes go. And that pile of rocks... that's Luke's treasure pile from our walks.

I pulled all the deck furniture back up from storage and cleaned it all. And raked and cleaned the pathway. Still have to build a patio here under the deck.

And finally, I potted the baby pepper plants, gave the strawberries some love and planted some green beans.

Oh, I am going to be hurting tomorrow...

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