Monday, September 19, 2005

Drawing Class

Tonight was the first night of my drawing class and I'm thrilled to say it was FUN and a complete success for me. I put away my inner critic, I refused to look at anyone else's drawings with anything other than detatched interest, and I drew something unlike anything I've ever drawn. A cube, a ball, a cone, a paint can... lots of shadows and shading and wow was it ever a boring composition - but fun to do! The instructor is great too - totally encouraging and not at all snobby the way some art teachers can be... he's an African American artist with dreadlocks who mostly is a painter but he draws these great pen and ink sketches of blues club scenes (his dad is a blues guitarist). He put us to work and then just came around to each of us and showed us ways to correct things or do things a little better.

This will have to be my aaad entry since it's the only thing I finished today - I tried to put another layer on one of my journal backgrounds - but it took to long to dry and so I never got around to writing on it.

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