Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy Spell

My son is an angel. A real live angel. I say this now, knowing that in an hour he could be pushing all my buttons and I might be sending him for a time out or asking what in the world was he thinking to do whatever it is he will soon do... but for now... this very moment... he's my angel. Here's why:

He comes to me with his Harry Potter wand and spell book - the one he says doesn't really work (it's broken he said, several months ago, because he tried to turn me into a horse "bipitybobityboo, I turn you into a horse" and then... "no, not... so much, this wand doesn't work Mom") and he asks me to tell him the spell that makes people happy. So I thumb through the spell book and find it and it says "think of the person you want to be happy and write their name on a piece of paper" and he tells me he wants to make the people in Florida happy - the people who lost all their homes (he still thinks Katrina hit Florida). And so we do the spell... and he's happy and I'm happy and he asks if the happiness he made for them is now on an airplane headed to Florida. My funny, sweet kid...

Oh and yes, as predicted, it's short lived, I have just been struck by a Spiderman dart and there goes one over the computer... so much for my Angel - he's turned back into Super Hero and is practicing getting the bad guys.

Here's a picture of Tyger camping out behind my computer. On the lookout for flying objects...

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  1. My cuttie cat --loves the top of my commuter too!