Sunday, August 24, 2008

And then... the refrigerator door fell off....

Yes, the refrigerator door in the RV... fell off and hit Luke right in the face... and there went any remaining magic in "The Great Brisse Family Vacation". Gone... and you know what? We never got it back.

Luke had been wanting a slurpy from 7-11 for EVER and we promised him we'd get him one on this trip. We had just stopped and he had opened the fridge door to put some milk away when the thing just fell off and whacked him in the face. Smashed his lips and teeth. Poor kid. He's fine, but still. I'm not sure he really enjoyed that slurpy, I promised him a do-over.

Then we thought we'd stop and have dinner at the beach before heading to the next campsite (which we knew sucked, but it was the only one available on short notice), but we couldn't find a restaurant that wasn't a Casino or hotel restaurant... so we gave up that idea and just headed to the campsite.

Pulled in and oh, bad juju. But what are we to do? It's late, we are tired, the kid has been hit with a fridge door and doesn't want to go home yet... so we pull in. Get our spot, start to hook up, get bit by a gazillion mosquitos in the first half a minute, hop back in the RV and let Frank tough it out... the waste hose is too short... whatever. Dinner inside the RV because of the bugs. Look out the window and see their breeding ground behind us, no wonder. Here it is:

Mosquito Swamp

As we are eating inside, we hear the people next door spraying bug spray all over themselfs - they set off their RV hazardous fumes alarms with the stuff... beeeeeeeep.... beeeeeeeep..... beeeeeeeep. Ug.

Go to bed and wake up to drops of rain hitting my arm, it's pouring and the skylight is up.


Decide to pack it up after coffee and go look for a breakfast spot - find one... but they only take cash, no debit cards. So back in the RV and go look for a bank. Back to the breakfast joint. Eat... still pouring. Windy. Cold. Nasty. Decide to head home. No one complains.

going home

Hit traffic from before Aberdeen all the way through Olympia and to Tacoma.


going home

so close now

Six hours later we are home and happy to be here.

Except, you know what? Frank and Luke think we should buy our own RV and do this all the time. Yikes. I'm outnumbered... that is for sure. Oh well, it was fun while the fun lasted. Until the refrigerator door incident at least.


  1. Except for the part of Luk getting smacked in the face, I have loved reading your photo journal of what looks to be an excellent trip. give it a week or two and you'll either forget about the noise, terrible bed, and mosquitoes or you will laugh about them.

  2. Ooh, Poor Luke!!! Something like that is so traumatic when you are a child. I hope he will laugh it off soon. The photos are awesome!!! What a fun journal you have created!! It's like going on a mini vacation just reading it. Thanks!!!