Wednesday, November 05, 2008

They're getting a puppy!

The Obama girls are getting a puppy! LOL, isn't that the cutest thing? Luke was babbling at that point, how were they going to keep track of a puppy in the White House? How were they going to house train it when the house was so big? Hoping they didn't lose it... he was very concerned. Very cute. And no big thing that an African American was elected president, so what, of course and why not. The next generation, isn't it wonderful?

I'm so relieved. Happy too, but it's hard to feel it for all the relief. There was a part of me that thought our voting system was so messed up that we would never see what the American People really wanted. Ever again. But this restores my faith and my hope in this democracy. And I'll get excited... once it finally sinks in that it's real. I keep checking the headlines making sure they aren't taking it away from me.

Check out this slide show, it's still giving me goosebumps!

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  1. LOL I thought all the presidents got a puppy when they took over the White House? (I'm Canadian, cut me some slack! LOL). Remind Luke that the grounds around the White House are surrounded by fences and gates so puppies can't escape!!! Isn't it funny what kids worry about?!