Monday, February 08, 2010

Beads Beads Beads!

Still working the pink! Happy to see it come out of the kiln the way it went in. You don't know how many years I've been trying for that little miracle to happen! And playing with stringer designs, and thinking about what the next cool reaction might be... I have an idea for silvered ivory stringer that I'm heading out to the studio to play with next. Have also decided to break down and order a new torch and bigger oxygen concentrator so that I can have a hotter flame and maybe be able to make more than one bead an hour. Wouldn't that be nice? It's either that or I need to start working smaller, because I have more ideas in my head than I can get made in one day. But I love the BIG beads, don't you?

Some of these have sold already, but a couple of them are still on Etsy. Thanks for looking!


  1. Your work is awesome. I have a favourite friend in Seattle. She is editor of the Pike Place market News. Do you know the crafts market there? If so, maybe pass on a hi to Megan for me. She is known by many of the stalls, a lot of fun. She'sd get a kick out of it.

  2. These beads are breathtaking, what patience you must have Pam. I keep thinking these beads are like 'birthing babies' - each one stunningly totally in it's conception.

  3. Both are beautiful Pam, but my heart goes to the blue one with its incredible colour, dots and swirl.

  4. Oh gosh - love the progression as I scroll down. The pinks are gorgeous but I'm always drawn back to your gorgeous blues. They are all different but they are all so totally your style.
    The last one reminds me a bit of when I flew over those mysterious Nazca lines.