Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tuesday Giggle

I've been following some threads on the lampworkers' forums and all the cool kids are making these "wig-wags" - twisties that go one way and then the other way. They look awesome. And way fun. So today, I had 1/2 hour of free time - yes, seriously half an hour, that's all I had - and I decided to give it a try. These are my first two tries... the white was first, obviously. They crack me up and make me giggle. Can't wait to try again.


  1. So, is it like an optical illusion? Kinda like shaking a pencil back and forth and making it look like it's rubber?

  2. Those are fun to make, and they look great on beads! I've not been very successful in making them, but one of these days!!!!

  3. They look pretty good to me! I made a pretty one in Sarah Hornik's class and haven't tried since.