Thursday, February 16, 2006

here I am...

...sitting at the computer that I turned on right before the cable guy showed up to install my internet... and voila! it's already working. Haha! Someone in the neighborhood has a very fast connection. I'll have my own in a few minutes - or hours as the case may be. Of course they have to run all new cable from the street - what was here (in almost every room of the house no less) is the old stuff and not grounded and not going to work. Does that surprise anyone?

I'm especially happy today because Luke's bathroom looks like a real bathroom now - Frank hung the medicine cabinet/mirror thing we pulled out of the old bath and I put together a little cottage cabinet thing for towels and stuff. And got a little white wastebasket and a thing that goes over the door with hooks. It looks good :) I'd share a photo, but I don't have the connector thingy to download the pics from my camera. I'm obviously having a tough brain day - everything is a *thingy* today.

Plus the sun is shining. And someone is coming to look at the Carnation house this afternoon. I woke up this morning with the feeling that we'd have an offer on it soon. I hope I'm right.

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