Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Luke is a Kindergartener!

We just dropped him off - he was a little nervous and a little excited - he's funny, he gets quietly wound tight when he's like this - holding it all in, staying in control, acting like he's 25 instead of 5. He'll be just fine, I know it. When we left, he was picking out some crayons to color with. Frank, on the other hand, was funny. "We did it! I can't believe it - our baby is in kindergarten. I still remember when he was a baby and he cried for the first time - remember?" and on and on he went. I guess he wasn't there for the past two first days of (pre)school, so this is a first for him. I'm glad he got to do it with us this time.


  1. Hey there! It's Kim from One Woman's Cottage Life! I'm happy to have discovered your blog...I can't wait to see what all you've done with your new home!

    Aww, what a sweet photo of your little one:) I have a 5 year old, too (and a 6 year old *and* an almost 12 year old, lol!)...can't believe she's not a baby anymore. I decided to wait and send her to school next fall. I don't know what I'm going to all by myself here at home:)

    Looking forward to reading more! If you ever decide to keep a separate house journal, be sure to sign up at houseblogs.net . It's a directory of house blogs and sends lots of readers to your site every time you update. Pretty nifty!

  2. an adorable kindergartener. Madrona?

  3. Hi Kim and Kim :)

    Thanks for the houseblogs.net link - will check it out asap! Your blog is fabulous too - I'm sure I'll find lots of inspiration there :)

    Kim c - no, unfortunately I didn't realize I had choices in schools - thought we got the one that was closest (see what happens when you live in the country too long and 4 towns go to one school?) and so he's in Seaview, which is right next door -it's really nice walking him to school and it's also a good school, but I hear, not as good as Madrona. He loves his teacher though, and I'm loving my 6.5 free hours a day. We should try to get together for coffee again if you still want to and have time?