Saturday, September 09, 2006

When it rains, it....

Well, it's not really pouring. It is drizzling and I'm happy about that, but the fact of the matter is that it's pretty dry. Especially inside the house where all the running water is turned off and the switch-over to the new pipes is taking a bit more time than expected. It was supposed to take 4 hours. I expected 8 and so was not surprised when 12 hours later, Frank called it a day, saying he only had about 2 more hours of work left. It was a good place to leave it and get a night's sleep.

Except Luke woke us up at 3:40 AM crying "Mom.... Mom! Mom, I don't feeeeeeeeel good". And then proceeded to get sick. In the house with no running water. We've managed and made it ok so far, the worst of the sick part seems over and he's on the couch with his required ginger ale and saltines. He's so cute - first words out of his mouth were "I don't think I'm going to do school lunch for awhile" and then "I always get sick this time of year" and "I'm going to go lay on the couch and I need my throw-up bowl and some ginger ale and those crackers I like when I'm sick, Mom." "And can you put on a movie please?" He's got the routine down pat from that first year of preschool where he picked up every bug possible and was sick every week. A boy who knows what to do when he's sick. The only twist this time was no running water. It worked out surprisingly ok, especially since we had tons of back up water stored up in the tub for flushing and stuff. Good idea, Frank. (This is my life - isn't it crazy?)

So after a bit we all fell asleep again and I actually got to sleep in til 9:00 AM. A first in oh, at least 6.5 years. It's really been that long. Too bad it wasn't just sleeping in after a full night's sleep hu? And here it is 12:30 PM and still no water... Frank's running around to the hardware store looking for the last plumbing thingys he needs. It will be up by dinner time I think. If not, we might just check into a hotel for the night. But I don't think so, I still have faith it will all go smoothly here on out. If he ever gets back from Home Depot that is.

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