Friday, September 01, 2006

More Paint and Some Plumbing Too

I repainted the blue - it was too.... shiny. And too bright. I thought I was toning it down to a greyer blue but you probably will think I didn't paint over it at all. I did though, I promise. It *is* better. Benjamin Moore Lavender Blue #1438. Now I need drapes. And new furniture. And a ladder that will reach the ceiling so I can get rid of the rest of the taupe.

This is the weekend new water pipes are supposed to go in. Of course, as seems to happen every time, there is a hold up of some sort. This time around, it's a leaky sink in the only bathroom left working in the house. Frank has been working on it all night and has run to Home Debit twice now but it's still not done, and probably won't be tonight since the store is closed now and he needs to make yet another run. He feels really bad, but I told him it was no biggie, at least we have a kitchen sink, right? And the strangest thing? I really don't care. I'm beyond caring about having a stupid bathroom sink. Who needs such a thing? I've been living for months without a dishwasher. Without two of my three bathrooms, without ice or drinkable water... without hot water for my clothes washer... who needs a bathroom sink? Seriously, it's over rated. (I could just about cry, but I won't let Frank see it.)


  1. Wow, I love the blue on the walls!!! Great blog.

  2. thank you!!! I'm trying to figure out what goes with blue - I think summer will be easy, but something cozy for winter... hmn....

  3. looks like you have a very nice life indeed! enjoy!