Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fun with Viking Knit

I got my viking knit kit and wire last week and couldn't wait to get started. So I sat in my car at the homeschool resource center and in one hour, figured it out. Luke was impressed. So was I. Here is my first attempt - one side (on the left) is single stitch, and the last inch or so (on the right) is double stitch:

Then I made several more. One while sitting in the car waiting for Luke to have Racketball lessons. That one was not so great, but I learned from my mistakes. It took a little to figure out how to get a wire spliced in without it showing too much. But now I have it.

Here are my last three attempts, from top to bottom - single stitch, drawn through the two largest holes, then single stitch, drawn through all four holes to the smallest size, then double stitch, drawn through... I think the two larger holes.

I just ordered some silver wire and need to order some end caps next. Fun!


  1. these are beautiful pam...can't wait to see what you create with the silver...

  2. They look fab, especially for first attempts! I have never tried and would like to. Can I ask where you purchased kit? Thanks jenni