Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Leo Bread Making Company Makes Bread

We did it! We made a successful sourdough starter, and then we made some bread! And it was good, if not perfect. Yummy hot out of the oven (how can one resist hot out of the oven bread?) and toasted this morning as well. Yum!

We are off to a good start. I have two books I'm getting ready to purchase... because I can't wait to make more! Check these out, don't they sound great?


  1. oh love fresh bread, esp the awesome smell while it is baking.

  2. yum! love fresh bread. the smell in the house as it bakes..... :)

  3. Hey Pam! Glad to meet a fellow breadbaker and jewelry maker. You may have already seen their site, but Jeff Hertzberg has a great article on for artisan bread.
    Love the Sourdough loaf, looks great!