Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Coop Progress

Frank decided the roof was overdue, so he threw up a board. And I said "Um, honey? What are we going to do with that big gap between the roof and our wall?" So we had to fix that little situation with yet MORE wood. We are certainly learning a lot along the way. I've even "manned up" and used the power tools - something I have previously had no interest in and even a little phobia about. I have to say, I looooove the miter saw!

See that over-hang, up there? Isn't that BRILLIANT for Seattle's 9 month long rainy season? I can stand under there and feed and water and even change their bedding and not get drenched! Nice, right?

We also got our North and South vent windows made. These will have flap doors as soon as I get hinges.

Zoe seriously thinks this thing is cool. She hopes it's a dog house.

See what she's sitting on? Luke and his friend Lilly drew those pictures - very nice.

And finally the roof was up, though this photo only shows it 3/4's done. Shingles soon!


  1. Very nice work and design. We started building our coop this weekend but got only as far as the frame and two sides. Ours is much simpler than yours, but a bit bigger for the coop as we've got 4 birds. I love your coop! Mine has only a 1 foot overhang for the wet weather, though I MAY change the door hinges to be at the top to create a roof when I service it. Not sure. Thanks for sharing and good luck finishing your project!

  2. So cool, have never seen such a cute coop before.

  3. Love your coop! We are just starting on the chick journey. Researching coops and chicks. Trying to decide if we can make this work. Today I talked to a friend and she said rats are attracted to the feed so now I am completely freaked out! Have you heard of this?

    Looking forward to following along on your journey!